Monday, June 4, 2012

A usual day on the street

A usual day on the street in a friendly neighborhood, with a graffiti artist creating his art, an athlete training hard to be the champion of the up coming city track and field competition while his opponents are slacking off smoking, chatting and have a good time. 2 birds exchanging gossip around the city, a teen age boy waiting for his online date to show up in front of a restaurant. A hip hop artist listening his latest creation and enjoying his walk on a sunny day. A  grumpy business man who just finish a meeting with a bitchy client, the daughter of the snack store trying to get customer to come in, and a group of movers trying to remove deadly chemicals without protection gears which is highly dangerous and might just kill everyone around them.


John Keane said...

Hey Max,

Man, some great new work here. I love the quality of your characters. The angles etc give scenes quite a dreamlike quality.

Keep 'em coming!

Cheers. said...

Thanks for the compliment John, This is one of the good things that comes with unemployment, I actually got time to do some really time consuming work for my self. I'm also doing a night version of it too, with different characters and different vibe.